Digital Antenna Installation

Hayes TV offers quality built Australian and Italian made digital antenna services, including antenna installations in Melbourne’s South East Suburbs. These antennas are robust and receive quality interference free digital signals.

Other cheap imported antennas tend to be made of inferior products and not suited to Australian conditions, therefore having a reduced life span, high maintenance and weak signal levels that require extra cost by way of amplification.

New Home Build Antenna Installation – Complete $250.00

Includes quality external roof mount & mast to maximum 1.8 meters’ height, Digital Log Antenna & Distribution Splitter fitted to prewired cabling. 3 year warranty all parts and labor.

Excludes, Extra Outlets, Amplifiers & GST.

Onsite Test & Inspection

Hayes TV will perform a signal level test and inspect cabling, the distribution device, wallplates and leads before recommending and installing a new antenna. Trees, hills, mountains, buildings and other variables can all impact on signal strength and quality, therefore an advertised “one antenna fits all” is not recommended.

Using an experienced technician with industry approved signal meters combined with quality parts and workmanship will guarantee long lasting maintenance free superior digital TV viewing.

Reception Problems

If you are experiencing any signal problems with your TV or if you’re not receiving a freeview channel give Hayes TV a call on 0425 708 346 to arrange a site inspection and a solution for you. Digital TV reception problems can be as extreme as complete loss of signal to annoying pixilation (breaking up into squares) and/or loss of sound. The problems are easily diagnosed with the right tools and equipment. An older antenna or rusted parts may need replacing, a faulty distribution device, and missing parts from previous occupants or simply an inferior lead. Hayes TV can fix all this, save you $ whilst obtaining the best quality picture available.


Standard installation includes antenna quad shield cable, distribution splitter and tuning and testing of TVs. Single story domestic home with wall and roof cavities and good reception determined by onsite test.

For pricing enquiries, contact Hayes TV today.


Payment- Bank Transfer, Cash. Prices GST inclusive.