Moved House – No Television Reception?

An annoying problem after moving to a new home is to plug the TV into the wall socket only to find you have no television reception! You try a different socket and same frustrating problem. The most common incidences occur in rental properties, aged care facilities and apartments.

In most cases your antenna will be fitted with an amplifier. Weak/low signal areas, in particular parts of Berwick, Pakenham, Harkaway and Beaconsfield will sometimes require this due to terrain and restricted line of sight to the transmitting television towers.

The amplifier as pictured below is normally fixed just below the antenna on the supporting mast. In some instances it may be in the ceiling, under the house or in a distribution cupboard.


For this amplifier to work it requires a 14 – 24 v power supply as pictured below which plugs into a dedicated TV wallplate. Simply, it is a 2 part system and in most cases because the power supply is just another behind the TV cable, it gets unknowingly packed up and never to be seen again.

Without power the amplifier will not function/pass signal and all TV`s in the premise attached via the antenna will not work.


Over the years Hayes TV has performed many fixes as described for real estate agents, property managers and customers relocating homes. We will promptly identify the cause and rectify on the day, no upselling, no replacing antennas or cables that are in good working condition. Satisfaction Guaranteed, call us today on 0425708346.

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