Projector Lamp Replacement


We sell, deliver and install 100% brand new projector lamps purchased directly from original projector lamp manufacturers.

Major projector manufacturers such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Hitachi and many more do not manufacture their own projector lamps. They outsource the production of their projector lamps to Philips, Ushio or Osram. In fact, 97% of all original projector lamps are manufactured by these companies. HayesTV sources and sells projector lamps from these manufacturers.

Many lamps being sold online are not ORIGINAL quality, and it is not always easy to determine if it is made in China or elsewhere by an imitation projector lamp manufacturer. Most original projector lamps will have the manufacturer name stamped on the lamp globe.

If you purchase a projector lamp from an imitation manufacturer, it can cause damage to your projector, void the projector warranty or leave you with a lamp that is not bright enough or that will not last.

Installing a Projector Lamp

  1. Remove the panel covering the projector lamp module by undoing the screw holding it in place.
  2. Remove module holding screws and unplug the old projector lamp from the projector.
  3. Plug the new projector lamp into place and screw the holding screws and plastic panel back onto the projector.
  4. Access the projector menu and reset lamp hours to zero.

Installation & Servicing

HayesTV can also arrange onsite servicing and installation for

  • Domestic Home Theatre
  • Corporate and Commercial Meeting and Boardrooms
  • Places of Worship
  • Government and Educational Institutions

Servicing can include removal and reinstallation of ceiling mounted projectors, lamp module replacement, cleaning or replacement of projector filters and resetting of lamp hour and clean filters menu. Enquire now via quick quote including projector model number and type of mounting or call today 0425708346